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Where does Islamic Finance belong in ESG, and could it help save our planet?

Prior to Covid-19 companies were being called out for the lack of corporate responsibility and under pressure to pursue progressive […]

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Women’s role in Islamic finance and why work flexibility matters.

The fast-growing Islamic finance sector, and the financial industry, has traditionally been dominated by men. With the rise on Fintech, […]

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What is Islamic Banking?

What is Islamic Banking? Islamic banking is the provision of banking services with an end-to-end Shariah-friendly setup. There are two […]

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5 Islamic Principles for Business

5 Islamic Principles for Business Islam has given guidance for every part of life.  Every guidance has some underlying benefit […]

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Rizq – A Hidden Relationship

Rizq – A Hidden Relationship The word Rizq with its various verb forms is mentioned 105 times in the Qur’an. […]

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The Green Economy in The Qur’an

The Green Economy in The Qur’an In the chapter The Bee, God says: “We have sent the Scripture down to […]

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