Why Rizq?

Rizq's customers can finally manage their business finances with a service that is fast, secure, cost-effective and seamless in every sense.

The UK 's first sharia-compliant digital business account

Rizq is the first ethical, sharia-compliant business account in the UK. Rizq is extremely simple to sign up to and enables you to make lightning-quick payments, track your spending, donate to charity, and so much more! All in one easy to use, slick app.

Commitment to crafting experiences


Creating meaningful connections


Delivering consistent customer value


Establishing ethical standards

It's Written.

The notion of Rizq translates as a sincere connection, leading to sustenance, abundance, and
powerful relationships.

We believe our pre-ordained destiny is Written - however, not accessed
without effort and action.

Are you ready for the Rizq revolution?

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