Charity Right and Rizq partner to help free people from hunger

Rizq is very pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Charity Right!

With the upcoming launch of the new Rizq retail app, Charity Right will be one of the key charities that you can donate to directly from the app.

“We are proud to provide regular nutritious school meals to children from poor families. These families are unable to feed their children enough to focus on schoolwork, and they often rely on support to have enough money for food. Regular nutritious meals help children rise out of poverty, with the power of education. We are excited at the prospect of working with Rizq, to streamline even more donations for this honourable cause”.

CEO of Charity Right, Sajad Mahmood

Who is Charity Right and what do they do? 

Launched in 2016, Charity Right has provided over 40 million meals in 7 countries supplying nutritious food to help children and adults break free from the devastating effects of hunger through daily school meals, family food packs and emergency food packs. 

At the start of 2022, they streamlined their focus to providing school meals only as the power of education and meals is unparalleled

Charity Right have created a simple four-step process to ensure the funds they receive are used in the way that the donator intended:

  1. Identify the need
    Review initial reports on existing proposals for communities to identify where work is needed the most and can have the greatest impact.
  2. Local team
    Establish a team in the area to gain insights, establish links with local organisations and the people.
  3. Research
    Conduct a thorough evaluation of the potential project.
  4. Delivery plan
    Decision on launching of the project or not. If it’s a go, then a delivery plan for long term food support to have an immediate and durable positive impact is formulated – followed by the launch.

Charity Right and Rizq

Rizq has always wanted to have a positive impact on the world we all live in, and we are delighted to be supporting Charity Right’s work which is why this month, the new Rizq Retail app launching with the improved charity giving function.

The new app will allow users to donate to Charity Right in a few taps, and knowing the process that Charity Right employs, you know your valuable donation is going to the right places to support those most in need especially with Ramadan coming up in April this year, you will be perfectly positioned to pay Zakat and Sadaqah.

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