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Rizq was made for the people and we want you to own a piece of the success that we achieve. Together as one we are stronger, and together we have no doubts we can change the way that Muslims bank globally. Solving critical issues, creating opportunities and developing essential digital infrastructure which can impact millions insha'Allah.

Finally, Muslims can manage their finances with a service that is fast, secure, intuitive, and seamless.

On average it takes less than 10 minutes to setup a Rizq current account.

Disrupting Islamic Banking - Watch the Rizq story.

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Feb 2020 - Announced Rizq to the world

We publicly announced Rizq in February 2020.

April 2020 - Pre-Seed Funding £365k

Despite the pandemic, we raised a pre-seed round of £360,000 from private investors, and closed the round with a £3.1m valuation.

July 2020 - Beta Accounts Released

Our first customers create their accounts via web banking to join our beta product.

Sep 2020 - Debit Cards Issued

Our VISA debit cards are issued and sent to customers.

Nov 2020 - Crowdfund Campaign £750k

Giving people the opportunity to own and shape their own banking app.

The Product - Account & Features

We have over 50 features in the product roadmap that we believe will have positively impact our customers on a Muslim lifestyle level. We have a dynamic style of releasing product features, driven by our community and their feedback.

✅ Phase 1 - Complete | September 2020

Mobile App

Native iOS and Android
applications with all
banking features.

Physical Card

Each account comes
with a free VISA
physical card.

Scheduled Payments

Each account comes
with a free VISA
physical card.

Online Banking

We are fully digital.
Online banking is
standard with Rizq.

Virtual Card

Your instant virtual card
gives you online
freedom and flexibility.


Each account comes
with a free VISA
physical card.


Earn cashback when you
spend at your favourite UK


Cheap transfers abroad,
at your fingertips. Immediate,
with no hidden fees.

Additional Accounts

Each account comes
with a free VISA
physical card.

Spending Limits

Control your spending
and empower your
savings with Rizq.


Your physical card is
contactless and works
with all contactless terminal.

Faster Payments

Send money in moments
to your contacts and
receive your salary.

Phase 2 - In Development | December 2020

Seamless Giving

Support your favourite
charities with our seamless
giving feature.


Track your money
with automated insights
and data.

Open Banking

Connect all your
accounts into one
smart app.

Budget Control

Manage your spending
and control your

Phase 3 - Require Funding | March/April 2021

Apple Pay

Seamless payments
through Apple Pay.

Business Banking

Manage your business
finances with ease and

Google Pay

Seamless payments
through Google Pay.

Instant Topup

Topup your Rizq account
instantly though the apps
free of charge.

Shared Accounts

Link and issue multiple
cards from the same

Split Bills

Split the bill on days
out with friends
easily and via the app.

Partners & Press

Rizq has signed some fantastic partnerships and we have been featured across global press.

Investment Opportunity

Use of Funds

Below outlines our high-level use of funds. A detailed breakdown is also available.
Product - 40% - £300,000

40% of funds will be used for further product development and enhancement or addition of the features that our customers want offered. As our product develops further, greater revenue generation opportunities will be realised.

Growth - 30% - £225,000

30% of our funds will go towards growing our customer base into a stronger position, increasing the retention and building the brand profile further to attract larger investors and partnerships.

Customer Success - 30% - £225,000

30% of our funds will go to use on customer success activities, including development of the overall customer journey, experience and ongoing engagement to build a strong bond and community.

Investment required:
7.5% equity offered7.5% equity offered
£10m Valuation (Pre-Money)£10m Valuation (Pre-Money)
EIS AvailableEIS Available
9 months runway9 months runway
Phase 3 product roadmap developmentPhase 3 product roadmap development
CRM System ImplementationCRM System Implementation
European expansion - Phase 1European expansion - Phase 1
Business banking product development - Phase 1Business banking product development - Phase 1
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