Depositing money, Bank Transfers, Joint accounts, what Currencies we provide & more!


1. Do I have to live in the UK to open an account?

Yes, to open a Rizq account you have to live in the UK.

2. Is there an age limit to open a Rizq account?

To open a Rizq account, you have to be at least 18 years old.


1. How can I deposit money into my Rizq account?

To make a bank transfer from another account, please:

  • Open your app and Tap the Add money button under your Balances (if you can’t find this button, swipe down on your list of payments)
  • Tap Manual Bank Transfer
  • Make a note of your account number and sort code, then set up your Rizq account as a payee (beneficiary) with your other bank.

Bank transfers should arrive in your account instantly, but they can sometimes take longer.

2. Can I open a Shared (Joint) Account?

The current version of the Rizq app does not support Joint Accounts, however, this feature is in development.

3. Can I open another currency account?

Currently, with a Rizq account you can open GBP and EUR accounts.

4. What kind of currencies do you provide?

Currently, with Rizq you can open GBP and EUR accounts.

5. Your account number and sort code

Your Rizq account is a full UK bank account, so you have an account number and sort code. Here’s how to find them:

  1. Log in to your Rizq app
  2. Tap the Details button under your Balance

Find your sort code and account number under Account Details

6. What is the BIC/SWIFT for my account?

To find your BIC/SWIFT please:

  • Log in to your Rizq app
  • Tap on Details under Balance
  • Find BIC under Account Details
  • Switch the Tab to International
  • Find SWIFT under Account Details

7. Do I need to pay for a standard account?

No, your Rizq account is completely free!