We would like to be transparent with you on what we charge you to use your Rizq account. In this page, you will find fees such as opening account, transactional, remittance and card fees!
Opening a Rizq account
Rizq GBP account
Opening an additional account
Opening a new account; i.e. an another GBP or EUR account
Sending money to a Rizq client
Sending money to your friend or a family member who is also a Rizq user
Sending money to another UK bank account
Faster Payments are FREE
European Transfers (SEPA)
£0.50p + 0.75%
Sending a payment to Eurozone
International Transfers (SWIFT)
£10 + 0.75%
For transfers outside of the UK and EEA
Ordering your first Debit card
Rizq Debit card
Ordering an additional Debit card
An extra Debit card
Ordering your first Virtual card
Your first Virtual card is FREE
Ordering an additional Virtual card
An extra Virtual card