Making Payments, Payment Limits, Fees, Payment History, Drafts & more!

1. How do I send money to another Rizq Client?

  • Tap on Payments
  • Tap on Send money in the bottom right hand corner
  • Tap on To Rizq client
  • Add the Recipients’ Phone number (447500000000)
  • Add the Payment description and Tap Continue
  • Check the Recipients’ name and choose the account
  • Check details and Confirm payment.

2. How do I send money in the UK?

  • Tap on Payments
  • Tap on Send money in the bottom right hand corner
  • Tap on European transfer
  • Add the recipient’s name, account, address, bank details, and IBAN
  • Add the Payment description
  • Choose the Account and Currency
  • Check the details and Confirm payment.

*** Please note that under current account limitations, you are only allowed to send/receive up to 10 transactions per day. This limit is a temporary measure until we fully launch in 2021.

3. Approving Payments

For all payments that are not contactless, you will be asked to enter a PIN to pay for purchases above £45. Remember, you can use contactless for purchases up to £45.

You will be required to authorise some purchases in-app or by using Text Messages and your PIN. If you don’t want to make a payment, please do not use your code in Text Messages, PIN or in-app authorisation.

4. Payment Limits

Account Limits
  • Single send transaction: up to £5,000 / transaction
  • Total send transactions for 24 hours: up to £5,000*
  • Single receive transaction: up to £5,000 / transaction
*Please note that 24 hours means that if you sent a transaction at 9 a.m, then your next allowable limit is after 24 hours.

Card Limits
  • Single transaction limit with your card: up to £250
  • Daily transaction limit with your card: up to £1,000
  • You can use your Rizq card for up to 10 transactions / day
Please note that these limits are constantly reviewed.
*** If you exceed these limits, your transaction will be declined.