How to set up 2-Factor Authentication

When setting up your account, we ask for your phone number to send you a text message with a 7-digit code; and your phone number is used as 2FA.

However, we give you an option of using another 2FA method which requires you to download one of the following apps: Google Authenticator or Authy.

How to set up another 2FA method:

1) Login to your web banking portal

2) Tap on Settings

3) Tap on Security

4) Locate the following:

5) Tap on Authenticator app

6) Download Google Authenticator or Authy

7) Scan QR code

8) Enter the 6-digit code to Verify your Authenticator – and you’re done! 👏

How to set up another 2FA method on mobile:

  1. Tap the Menu icon on the menu bar at the bottom of your screen
  2. Tap 2-Step Verification under Security
  3. Tap Authenticator app
  4. Download Google Authenticator
  5. Open the app and tap the plus sign on the bottom right corner
  6. Tap ‘Enter a set up key’
  7. Enter the account name, i.e. Rizq Mobile App
  8. Enter the key that you co0ied previously
  9. When the key has been saved, it will appear on your screen and a pop message that reads ‘Secret Saved’ will appear
  10. Enter the 6 digit code from the Authenticator app and you’re done!

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