How to create Templates for International Transfers

If you’d like to create a template for International Transfers in Web banking, please do the following:

2) Click ‘Payments & Transfers’ in the navigation bar

3) Click ‘Templates’

& then ‘Create Template’

4) You’ll see a range of Template payment methods; International Transfer, European Transfer, UK Local Transfer, Rizq User – choose International Transfer

5) Choose your account (skip this step if you’re using your Primary Account)

6) If you want to switch to EUR, click the GBP icon and select EUR

7) Add the amount of money

8) Add the recipient’s name, account, address, and bank details

9)Add the Correspondent’s bank details if you know them (optional)

10) Add the Payment description

11) Enter the Template name and click ‘Save’

Note: When your Template has successfully been saved, it will appear on your Templates page like so:

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