Mental Health

Concerned about your mental health? Below you will find useful information to help you

Here, at Rizq, we believe everyone should feel safe and supported to talk about their mental health at work. Below is some useful information and links to help you feel more supported. 

Mind’s guide on how to be mentally healthy at work includes information on how to manage stress, workplace relationships, and advice on how to return to work after time away. 

Getting Support: 

Working with a mental illness can be difficult and lonely; talking about your mental health and general wellbeing can alleviate the stress of hiding the difficulties you experience. 

Besides talking to your manager in private and making notes on what you would like to share with your employer, a Wellness Action Plan can help you think about what you want to share and what support you need. 

Reasonable Adjustments:

A workplace adjustment is a change that is unique to one’s needs that will help and enable you to do your job easily and successfully.  

A reasonable adjustment is a change to the workplace that is effective for the employee without being too disruptive, costly, or impractical for the employer to provide. Some examples include:   

• Flexible working hours
• Working from home
• Support with workload, i.e. increased frequency of supervision   
• Support from others, i.e. a job coach or mentor 


For more information and support visit:

Access to Work
Work and Health Programme
Reasonable Adjustments