Physical Wellbeing

Concerned about your Physical Wellbeing? Below you will find all necessary information to help you

Like mental health, our physical health can change at any time without warning, be it the common cold or developing a chronic illness. Here, at Rizq, we aim to ensure that everyone is provided with an environment and opportunities that encourage and enable you to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Here are some practical ways of improving your health and well-being at work:

1) Incorporate more activity into your commute, i.e. if you take the bus or train, you could get off a stop early and either walk or cycle the rest of the way.

2) Incorporate more activity into your working day, i.e. holding walking meetings, taking regular screen breaks, using the stairs, and using a stand-up desk.

3) Go outside or be more active during your lunch; leaving your workstation can be beneficial even if you’re simply going on a short walk. A walk can boost blood circulation, flex your joints, and be an opportunity for mental recharge and reflection.

Physical Disabilities

A disabled person is defined as someone with a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term effect on their ability to do normal daily activities.

A few examples of these include individuals with hearing impairments, visual impairments, physical impairments, and hidden impairments.

Reasonable Adjustments:

A workplace adjustment is a change that is unique to one’s needs that will help disabled people overcome any substantial disadvantages they may have doing their jobs and progressing in work.

A reasonable adjustment is a change to the workplace that is effective for the employee without being too disruptive, costly, or impractical for the employer to provide. Some examples include:

• making changes to one’s working pattern
• providing training or mentoring
• ensuring that information is provided in accessible formats
• modifying or acquiring equipment


For more information and support visit:

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