Rizq & NZF announce in-app partnership

Rizq is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the National Zakat Foundation (NZF), ahead of Ramadan 2021. The collaboration will see NZF feature inside the Rizq application, enabling seamless and effortless donations throughout the giving season. 

This partnership is poised to attract new donors to NZF, which is one of the leading Islamic charities in the UK, whilst also creating a positive experience for Rizq customers. The scaled back partnership this year should hopefully become a building and learning ground, for a deeper partnership next year.

The Director of Communications at NZF, Nazia Hassan, also welcomed this innovative initiative, as she said “NZF has always been at the forefront of digital innovation in the charity sector, one such example would be our ZakaTracker, a tool which enables payers to be informed of when and to who their payment has been delivered. 

Our dedication to deliver frictionless experiences makes us eager to work with exciting companies that aim to fill a clear gap in the market, whilst adding value to the wider community”. 

Both the Rizq and NZF teams are looking forward to this partnership, which could potentially evolve into a very fruitful relationship, not only for these organisations, but also for charity-giving Muslims in the UK. Rizq aims to tirelessly apply its digital know-how to remove any friction in giving Zakat and Sadaqah, to respectable UK charities.

NZF is currently ramping up for what will probably be their busiest Ramadan ever. British Muslims, who are already the most generous donor-group, are very aware that the impact from the Covid pandemic has been felt all over the world. Read more about NZF’s work here

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